World Book Day at our school was celebrated on Thursday 1st March. The pupils and most staff arrived at school in their favourite book character costume. We had loads of princesses, pirates, some furry animals –“ The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, police men, Bob the Builder, Marvel Comic Characters and a ferocious looking Viking. There was a books stand set up with a wide variety of titles for the children to purchase. Thank you to the Mothers who were at school to read to us, thank you for dressing the part, bringing in props for the Early Years pupils and for reading with so much animation and character. We had the pleasure of hosting a children’s book Author - Mrs ChiomaMomah- who wrote “First Day at the Big School”. It was an interactive session with the pupils which included a book reading by the Author and a question and answer session.

We were also fortunate to get this excerpt from an interview with the author;

How did you decide to write the book? 
For the last few years I had always told myself I would write a book for my children mainly because I wasn’t seeing enough Nigerian storybooks. Most books had foreign characters and I wanted something my children could relate with, along with Nigerian names and beautiful diverse skin tones.

Did you always know you would be a Writer? 
I never saw myself as a writer. It wasn’t until I lost my Dad 10 years ago and started writing down some discussions I had with him (just so I wouldn’t forget) that I realized I enjoyed writing.

Why “First day at the big school?” 
I remember how much I looked forward to going to primary school and all the mix of emotions I felt, including excitement and anxiety at the thought of a higher class. This mix of emotions at starting a new class or changing school is something most children can relate to. The story will make the transition to a new class easier for both the child and the parent. Even as adults we face a deluge of emotions when starting a new job, we ask ourselves questions such as “Will I like this new environment? Will I make new friends?” Children also face the same uncertainties and this book aims to make the transition easier for our little ones.

Any tips for kids as they head to the big school? 
I say “Be brave and look forward to this bigger thing”. No matter what you are anxious about relax, and look forward to making friends and learning new things.

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