Our Vision

We stand for academic excellence and high moral values.

Our Mission

To identify and maximise the potential of every learner to produce, inspired, creative, ethical, compassionate, confident, reflective and respectful children who will become independent global citizens.

Our Core Values

These are the principles that guide our school’s internal conduct; how we relate to the children and with each other as members of staff, as well as our relationship with the external world. Our core values are embedded in our mission statement, but as the beliefs for which we want to be known, and to help ground and establish our pupils’ lives allowing greater success and morality, we have summarized them into the aspects that these words mean to us as a school. 

R– Respect: We have high regard for everyone
I – Inspiration: We are motivated to learn
R – Reflect: We think before we say or do
I – Independent: We explore and achieve on our own
C – Confidence: We believe in ourselves

Why Oakland


We are a British curriculum school, accredited by Council of British International Schools (COBIS)


Small Teacher to pupil ratio which ensures no child is left behind


Dedicated SEN (Special Educational Needs) department supporting children with different learning abilities


Our ethos is embedded in our core values: Respect. Independent. Reflect. Inspiration. Confident.


Co-curricular program including the thinking skills. Fun and exciting co curricular program adding value outside the classroom


Technology driven education facilities with the use of tablets and interactive white boards


We encourage parents involvement by operating an open door policy, termly coffee mornings and parent teacher interviews


We provide fresh, nutritious and organic food from our school garden, to all our children


Vibrant after school care running up till 5PM