On the crisp and colorful morning of Saturday, November 18, 2023, we had an enchanting Parents Workshop that brought together a multitude of parents and prospective parents. The event, marked by engaging sessions, hands-on activities, and a joyful atmosphere, left an indelible mark on everyone in attendance.

The Workshop saw an impressive turnout as parents showed up in their numbers, adding a lively and vibrant spirit to the occasion. The school premises were a burst of colors, reflecting the enthusiasm and energy that filled the air. It was a heartwarming sight to witness the school community come together to celebrate and engage in meaningful discussions.

The Early Years team orchestrated a series of outdoor activities that not only showcased the importance of experiential learning but also allowed parents to actively participate in activities usually engaged by their children. From interactive games to nature walks, the Early Years sessions were a hit, fostering a deeper connection between parents and their little ones.

Simultaneously, the Keystage team delved into various practical’s that demonstrated the school’s commitment to a holistic and hands-on approach to education. Parents had the opportunity to witness firsthand the dynamic and innovative teaching methods employed by our dedicated teachers.

The Workshop was not only a celebration of the current school community but also an open invitation to prospective parents. The event provided them with a glimpse into the educational ethos of our school, encouraging a sense of belonging and community. Representatives from Olumawu School in Wuse, Abuja, added a special touch to the occasion, sharing valuable insights and fostering connections between schools.

 As the clock approached 2pm, bringing an end to the insightful sessions and activities, the school kitchen treated everyone to a delightful breakfast. It was a moment of communal bonding, where parents, teachers, and prospective parents shared laughter and conversations over a delicious spread.

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