School life at our school is based on the child, the family, the staff and community. The care and education of the pupils permeates everything we do on a daily basis. We are continuously looking for ways to improve on what we do and all pupils and staff have imbibed our core values Respect, Inspiration, Reflect, Independent and Confident. These words are active and dynamic at our school and underpin everything we think, say or do. Pupils are received at the school gate every morning at 7.30 and throughout the day are supervised by staff who ensure they are safe and getting the best out of every activity at hand whether it be teaching and learning, sports, meal times after-school care and more.
Our pupils eat meals freshly cooked in our school kitchen. The menu is balanced with a good mix of Nigerian and European dishes. We include vegetables and herbs from our school garden. Our school day ends at 5.00 pm in the after-school care club where a fresh member of staff is in charge from 2.00 – 3.00pm. Activities are planned in a fun way and the pupils have a relaxed time with their friends till they are picked up at home time. Our parents are an integral part of our school, we run an open-door policy; concerns and feedback from parents receives prompt attention and that has kept our stakeholders and community happy.