At Oakland International School we provide exceptional support for each and every individual. Our children are tested and screened using the CAT 4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) and The HAST (Helen Arkell Spelling Test), which is a diagnostic spelling test.

When a child has specific learning difficulties, a full screening process can be afforded to enable a targeted Individual Educational Plan (IEP) to be put in place for the child. The child is then continually monitored to ensure progress is always being made. Our dedication and commitment is to develop each and every child at our school.
We have a dedicated Learning Skills Unit where children receive specific, targeted intervention in a one to one situation. We believe in sharing all learning successes across the school to ensure all our children have positive self-esteems and positive learning experiences.
We have strong links with experts here in Abuja in the field of dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD and other learning difficulties.
We pride ourselves on getting results.