Sports Day 2023

Yellow equals GOLD!

It is hard to deny that sports, whether team-based or individual, can have lots of positive impacts on children. It is understood that participation in sports can aid physical and social development, contributes to academic success, and help nurture a child’s self-esteem – to name but a few. Sport has become so important within British schools that we have come to recognize Physical Education, or P.E, as a staple of the school curriculums over the year. It is compulsory for children aged 4 – 16 but there has been concern from schools, parents, and governing bodies over the years that children are not spending enough time engaging in sports. While many children may love playing sports, not all children enjoy or excel at what we would call traditional sports which may mean they don’t get the full benefits of participation. However, there is another way to encourage children to enjoy sports and exercise. Luckily, school sports days offer the perfect opportunity to encourage those children who may not ordinarily participate in sporting activities to do just that. The games played at OIBS sports day are often beyond traditional events such as running and football and include entertaining games such as the egg and spoon race and sack race – there is always something for everyone!

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